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Whether or not you or any other human being alive today would like to accept it, we are here and need to survive. Humanity, as a whole; men and women who existed at any point in time as well as those who exist today and shall exist in future generations, have all aimed and will continue to aim toward the same end. This is as long as our planet is capable of maintaining the minimal conditions necessary that will permit this.

Every country in the world has carried out, continues to carry out and shall continue to carry out all efforts which are deemed convenient to improve the conditions of the quality of life of its inhabitants, yet there are many who could collaborate even more, or at least enough to reach the goals which will allow all to live comfortably.

So-called natural disasters, are not really natural as evidence demonstrates day by day and all throughout the world that they are provoked by the unmerciful exploitation of the many, now scarce, natural resources which are still available. Furthermore, serious, intelligent people and with a vast knowledge in this specific field have publicly declared their serious concerns, as they claim, citing very good reasons, that the ecological damage caused to our planet so far, is of a magnitude of 7 (seven) times its’ real capacity to revert them.

From this we clearly deduce that the possibilities to mitigate the catastrophic consequences (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, destruction, devastation…) caused by climate change, are farther and farther away each day and the human race will inevitably vanish.

As incredible as it may seem, at the Durban Summit held in 2011 in the city of Durban, the obtained results left much to be desired. They simply postponed for 2015, the establishment and definition of the necessary measures which could potentially reduce the effects of the infernal catastrophes that day by day wipe out time and time again the lives of millions of human beings.

If you carefully study the chart below, what conclusions do you draw?

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The uncertain and unrewarding panorama which our world faces today, might make us think that hope is all gone. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact it is quite the opposite. The wisdom of nature is infinite. The material plane has limitations which can seem to obstruct our best efforts. Society urgently needs to climb into and have access to the spiritual dimension. But it is not so simple and easy. We must commit to thinking more of others. Not only that, we must go, still further.

What thoughts come to mind as you read the list of terms that follows? What word can be considered to be directly related to each and every one of these terms? Encouragement – help – membership – charity – fellowship – companionship – fraternity – support. Solidarity is present when help, assistance, relief is provided to another human being.

Then, from this spiritual perspective it is unforgivable that 20% or more of human beings live in a state of extreme poverty and lack the minimum conditions for living with dignity, while on the opposite side opulence, excess, waste and other extravagances rife everywhere. Each and every one of us is responsible to some extent for such injustices, and are morally obligated to cooperate towards a common solution.

There is a saying which says that unity builds strength. This concept may seem impractical before the gigantic saga of saving a planet from extinction. But we can, if each and every one of us contributes our part, we will collectively add up to the billions. With a few future generations doing the same, there could be more than enough for everyone. This is simple elementary arithmetic.

Obviously this is not “fool’s fodder” nor can it be resolved by the magic of the fairy godmother’s wand. The problem is huge and it has far-reaching implications. In spite of the amazing and extraordinary results of the latest scientific and technological advances, there are few existing projects whose specific objectives are geared towards resolving the real problems. This is precisely the aim pursued with our proposals: Better World Foundation and Creative Teaching. Education for Being.

And these are the reasons we procalaim “Creative Teaching” as THE MODEL FOR THE 21st CENTURY and BETTER WORLD FOUNDATION AS THE THEME OF THE CENTURY. In short: Better World Foundation ( is designed to promote the necessary qualities of Solidarity and Creative Teaching. Education-For-Being is
meant to prepare the next generation to be able to find appropriate solutions.

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